i need my monster

A boy had a monster named Gabe. He was gone for a week to go fishing. The boy needed a monster to fall asleep. Then he heard the floor creak But I wasn’t Gabe. Then the second monster came. It had 9 eyes. Then it was gone. the thrid monster came. it was a girl. boy monsters are for boys girl monsters are for girls. Then it was gone. Then Gabe Came back and the boy fell asleep.

When A Dragon Moves In

A boy was at the beach. He built a sandcastle. A dragon was in the sandcastles. The dragon is his friend.  The boy said “There is a dragon in my sandcastle.” The dragon with his fire could roast marshmallows and make smores. The sister said “Dragons aren’t real!”  The dragon spread sand all over the sister.  The sister ran away.  The Dad got upset and said “Stop to the boy!”  The dragon left and the boy smashed the sandcastle. At the very end he built another sandcastle. The End.

Math Problem

Math Chocolate Problem


4x 6 = 24



we had 24 chocolates  and we all wanted some. there were 6 of us. DAD MOM ME ALI PA MIMI.  We each got 4 pieces of chocolate. I picked row 4 with the red strip.