The Case of the Missing Stuffed Animal Dog, Kisses

One morning in the Spring my sister, Ali, is sleeping in her room. Her room is filled with stuffed animals and some laundry in a pile on the floor. My sister, Ali, wakes up in her room and discovers she can not find her favorite stuffed animal, Kisses, next to her in bed. Her stuffed animal is a Dog that is black and white and has a heart with the name Kisses on it.

Ali yells to me “I cannot find my dog, Kisses?” I look around and try and figure out where he could be.

I asked Ali, “When did you see Kisses last?”

She said, “I went to bed with him last night and he was tucked under my arm.”

Will we ever find Kisses again? Who could have taken him? Why did they take him? Where will we find him?

I walked out of Ali’s room and noticed a paw print on the rug. I told Ali “There is a paw print.”

Ali said, “Let me check it out.” She said, “Zoie did it!” Zoie is a mini Australian Shepherd and she lives at my Mimi & Pa’s in-law apartment. I ran downstairs to Zoie and noticed she was still inside her crate.

My mimi said “Zoie has been down here the entire time. She has not been upstairs since two days ago.”

I ran back to Ali and told her, “It wasn’t Zoie that stole Kisses.”

Next I went to my Mom and asked her, “Did you put Kisses away when you were cleaning Ali’s room?’

Mom says, “I haven’t cleaned Ali’s room since last week.”

I go back to Ali and tell her ,“It wasn’t Mom either!” I walk in the hall and notice the smell of dog treats. Who else could have been involved?

I follow the smell dog treats into the guest room. I kept smelling the same smell and finally it led me under the bed. I slowly bent over and peeked under the bed and thought I may see Kisses. I crawl under the bed and pull out a stuffed animal. When I crawl out from under the bed I can see that it is Ali’s dog, Kisses. I yell to Ali, “Ali I found Kisses!”

Ali came running to me and hugged me very tight. Ali says, “I wonder how she got under the bed?”

I said “Good question, we will have to do some more investigating.”

Ali went to sleep that night with Kisses tucked under her arm. When Ali was fast asleep Kisses peeked her head up out of the blankets and gave a little wink. The mystery was never solved but Kisses knows what happened. THE END!


8 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Stuffed Animal Dog, Kisses”

  1. Hi Brady,
    Your mystery is very well done! Wow! Your story is so creative and surprising. You used all of the elaboration strategies so that every part of your mystery is complete.
    Thank you for all your hard work, effort and time.
    📝👊🏻💕Mrs. Eaves

    1. The stuffed animal dog came to life and moved himself because he smelled dog treats and ran under the bed.

  2. Great job Brady! I couldn’t stop reading, it was such a good mystery. All dogs love their treats🐶. 💞Mimi

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